What size game tiles can fit in each HEX?

Each HEX can hold hexagonal game tiles ranging from 78mm to 90mm (measured flat to flat). These tiles are used in popular games like Catan, Takenoko, and Eclipse: A New Dawn for the Galaxy.

What size/strength magnets should 3D printing customers use?

6mm diameter / 2mm thickness cylindrical neodymium magnets with either N36 or N42 strength. Please be aware, when printing using filament, the 6mm diameter magnets may be a tight fit. You may want to consider using 5x2mm N42 magnets instead

What if my HEXs have problems?

If you discover any problems with your order, we'll make it right.

Here's what to do:

  • Contact us directly at hex@thacko.com.
  • Send us pictures of any faulty HEXs. We'll arrange for them to be returned and replaced with identical quality-checked HEXs (all on our dime, of course).
  • For those customers who would prefer to repair magnets themselves, we recommend Gorilla Glue Clear. However, any normal super glue or epoxy will work as well, just be sure to apply enough to cover the base of the magnet before inserting into the hole.
  • Make sure the magnet is properly aligned when you glue it into the hole. Please note the polarity alternates along each side of the HEX.