HEX 63+ Pack

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Enough for all Catan scenarios, and every other game you own. Game nights will never be the same again!

15× Bowl
14× Pair
14× Roller
15× Deck
5× Tracker
25× Mini

Enhance your game night with HEX: the versatile gaming organizer! HEX is a magnetic storage system that doubles as a board frame for the hexagonal tiles of popular board games. Made of high-grade ABS plastic, HEX is economical, durable, and easily transported between your favorite game venues. Each HEX serves a specific organizational purpose designed to improve gameplay and meet a wide variety of gaming needs.

Each HEX has six powerful neodymium magnets to ensure effortless connections.

What truly makes HEX stand out is its innovative board frame functionality. Each HEX can hold hexagonal game tiles ranging from 78mm to 90mm (measured flat to flat). These tiles are used in popular games like Catan, Takenoko, and Eclipse: A New Dawn for the Galaxy.

The Bowl is the gold standard of game component organization. Its surprisingly deep holding capacity works especially well for games with lots of similar pieces, like Ticket to Ride or Splendor.

The Pair elegantly separates game pieces for easy access and is great for games with multiple smaller groupings of components. Use several together to make sure your dice are properly organized.

We take great pride in the multifunctional design of the Deck. The wide slots ensure cards angle backwards for optimal visibility, the slots line up for spacious card layouts when connecting multiple Decks together, and its central wedge cutout functions perfectly as a card tray!

The Roller's angular design and steep walls keep your rolls contained, exactly where they should be, and functions as an excellent single player alternative to a standard group dice tray.

The Tracker HEX may seem simple, but it's actually quite versatile. Not only does it function perfectly well as a display holder for your favorite D&D dice, but it also tracks spell slots, keeps score, and provides quick access for standard 25mm miniatures.

So much functionality packed into such a small design! The convenience and organizational ability of the Mini can't be overstated. Whether you need a spot for your favorite wildshape miniature, a jail for the unlucky d20, or a way to keep some cards close by, just connect a Mini to any HEX and you're ready to go.